Today we will present some potential features of the DJI Phantom5 through this content. You may know that it is a new commercial drone that is almost the same as the Mavic 2 drone. Even you may notice that many people discuss these two drones on social media.

They want to find out the similarities and compare the price and so many things. But we will not present any speculations hither. Instead, we will talk about the customer’s desire that they want from a new launch drone.

So, before you look for the aerial inspection drone, let’s read on the below content and let’s know the potential features of the DJI Phantom5.

Wish 1

Firstly, we will talk about the customer’s first wish about the DJI Phantom5. If you notice the DJI series, you will see that the DJI always comes with unique camera features. Mostly, a few years ago, the wide-angle DJI and GoPro-FishEye took one big step to evolution.

Well, we have talked with the many fans of the DJI series about the DJI Phantom5. They told us that they are very excited about the camera of this drone. Mainly, they want updated zoom features.

Wish 2

We all know that the Phantom4 pro has an anti-collision 360° system. Also, it comes with infrared sensors. We have asked many users about the phantom series, and they said they prefer one camera-based method to the infrared sensors.

Even the sensor system becomes very slow while flying the drone. So, of course, the customers are waiting for the DJI Phantom5 camera-based drone.

Wish 3

Now we will talk about another vital thing that DJI need to must ensure. Usually, the previous drone of DJI series drone propellers was not so strong, and the users face some problems while taking the normal shots as during flying.

So, it is a fair desire that the motor positions, propellers design and drone’s camera will be perfect. Also, DJI needs to focus on the focal distance in the next version.

Wish 4

You may know that the GJI always says that they will ensure high virtual reality features. But the glasses and other things were not that much perfect for showing the better. So, it is a highly dependable thing that DJI will ensure the VR in the next DJI Phantom5 drone.

Wish 5

Most drone companies think that splashing water protection is not that essential. But from our perspective, it will be a significant improvement if the DJI Phantom5 comes with these features. Most of it will be a great milestone for the DJI series. Also, it will be better if the new Phantom5 drone comes with a fantastic ND filter.

Wish 6

Every drone lover desire to buy a drone that comes with the highest-flying time. And a dual battery system can ensure the high flying time of your drone. However, the customers are waiting for an updated and high flying duration drone.

Final Verdict

From the above, you already know that what the customer’s desire about the DJI Phantom5 is. But it does not mean that the DJI will ensure all the features and other things that customer want.

But if they ensure, then it would be a great and updated drone. So, we may hope that we are going to get a fantastic drone from DJI.


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