1. Remove Pen Stains by Rubbing Alcohol

One of the stubbornness stains is ink stain. They are hard to get off and usually ruins the shirt. It mostly happens with people who go to an office where they may have a pen in their pocket the whole time. Worry not, this problem I solved with just a few drops of alcohol. Soak the stain with alcohol using a spray or pouring some drops. Then start patting it and the stain must start disappearing. Use clean paper towels to pat the stain. The shirt will be as good as new in a few minutes.

2. Make Your Towels Fresh and More Absorbent

Towels are soaked in water all the time and because of that, they build an unpleasant smell in them. Such towels are then thrown away way before their lifespan or they retain their smell even after a wash with detergent. This problem can easily be treated with a couple of washes; one with vinegar and other with baking soda. This technique removes all the stink from the towel, make it more absorbent and also makes it clean.

3. Save the Accidentally Dyed Clothes

Colored clothes aren’t to be put into a washing machine at the same time as the white clothes; this is the common and maybe the only important rule of washing. However, it happens to the best of us and we are left with dyed whites that we think are permanent. Who would wear a half red-dyed sock or a shirt? The damage is usually not permanent, not always. If something of the sort happens, don’t put it in the dryer just yet. Quickly fill warm water in a bucket or use your washing machine and add baking soda, half a cup of salt and half cup of detergent. Now soak the dyed clothing in it while it’s still damp. Hopefully, your dyed whites will be white again and won’t leave you with ruined clothes. You can also search ‘laundry service near me’ and get this done by an expert.

4. Use Aluminum Foil as Dryer Sheets

Your dryer sheets have run out, but you need to have a load running at the time. Don’t worry about it. All you need is a clumped piece of tin or aluminum foil that will work as an alternative to the dryer sheets. The foil should be thrown away after the load as it can’t be used every time.

5. Clean Up the Washing Machine Itself with Ease

A washing machine washes so many dirty and smelly clothes that can also develop a smell. The smells that it develops can vary from machine to machine however, this can be treated rather than buying a new one. There are so many washing machine cleaners available in the market to be used that can be mixed in hot water to be rinsed. If you don’t have access to this cleaner then you can DIY it by simply mixing a couple of cups of white vinegar or bleach and run a cycle with hot water and you will have a fresh, clean and pleasantly smelling washing machine ready to wash clothes.

If doing laundry is difficult for your or you don’t have time for this, you can always search ‘carpet steam cleaning near me’ and hire a good service.


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