Storage space is essential for everyone. But, all of the storage solutions for medical imaging have not made equally. However, many specialists become confused about how to identify the dissimilarity between cloud and local storage. Any solution that you select is a big part of the decision and it’ll impact your DICOM image viewer practice.

Besides, many people are happy with their physical or local PACS as this is enough to meet their expectation. Also, you know that all don’t think or like to update their current set up from paid or free open source DICOM viewer to some other technological issues.

They think the way that why they should fix an item if it has not broken. But, this is not a good thought. No worries, we’re here to make you change your thinking throughout this content.

What The Major Concern Is Here

If you have storage, it allows you to practice in a hospital, imaging center, or consultant. It keeps you for a long and short term breathing of the patient records. Thus, you can quickly give them when you find an asking for a consultant for your patient’s records after years of their visit.

Also, you’ll find the storage useful if a patient comes back to get its years’ old records. For example, a patient that diagnosed her breast cancer before few years. It’s because her physician may like to compare the past and current state of the mammograms.

In this situation, if a physician doesn’t have access to the required images, they’ll not be able to give a patient its proper treatment.

What Cloud Storage Is with A PACS

The type of storage a bit like it sounds. You’ll get the place on the cloud to store your patient’s data for short and long time as per your need. This cloud-based solution could be redundant to its backups that it sets up in the queue of several data centers.

Answer a question to know if you need this solution or not. Do you like to get safe access and sharing of your patient’s data?  If your answer is affirmative, then you should get cloud storage immediately. Are you still confused about it?

Well, let’s go in another way and imagine that you have the latest phone in which you’re possibly using a service or app like Google Photos or iCloud. When you take an image on your phone, it gets back up on the cloud through these apps.

Pros of Using Cloud

When you have a great backup, you get the practice in an imaging center or a hospital and it takes as a tornado to sweep out to Oz. but, you’ll find your patient’s data and images remaining sound and safe.

Also, it’s very helpful in the end when you compare to the prices of maintenance with a solution of local storage. That’s why it’s a key factor to the success in your medical business to get a consistent type of storage. It’s also a great way to access and share your patient’s images and data.


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