In the past few years, smartphone games have come a long way. We enjoy it most because games are accessible for any kind of player, such as shooters, RPGs, puzzle games, etc.

Yet brain training games have appeared in the sea of brainless entertainment and time-passers as one of the most wildly successful smartphone gaming genres on the globe. They are not just enjoyable. They condition our brains to be more thoughtful and sharper.

Before buying mindful games activity cards, look at these four mobile games to make your brain sharper.

#1 Peak


Peak has a very fantastic user interface. We love the slick and funky style. Not only are the over 40 unique games featured here incredibly well crafted, but they are enjoyable indeed. Each game on Peak was created by a team of neuroscientists and game developers to effortlessly put the world of gaming and brain training together

Coach, a “personal trainer” who can help users find the best routine at the right time, is the most fascinating aspect of Peak. Peak also keeps track of users’ success and gives insights to help players understand more where they succeed and where they need to improve.

#2 Brainwell


This brain-training app is not very separate from many other choices on our list, such as daily training plans, comprehensive progress updates, a lot of enjoyable and enticing training apps, blah blah blah.

However, we love Brainwell by empowering players to challenge their mates, post their ratings, and see how they match up with the market. It makes things competitive. These games are targeted at both adults and youth, are free and open on both the Apple and Android platforms to all, and they feel like games, not tests.

#3 Logic Grid Puzzles

If you’re a Sudoku fan, then you’re totally going to love this app. Believe it or not, Puzzles on Logic Grid are not a recent phenomenon. Lewis Carroll (Yes, the man who wrote Alice in Wonderland) invented them, and they are basically Sudokus, except on steroids.

These word puzzles are built to sharpen wit and reinforce logic. Players are challenged to fill out entire 6-grid puzzles with details, given only a few small and apparently in-discriminate hints. If it sounds absurd and totally irritating, then it’s because it’s really, really, really, really serious.

#4 Elevate


Personalized brain exercising and daily game workouts make Elevate one of our list’s biggest rivals. It was not that it was named the 2014 App of the Year by Apple or whatever. Elevate also features a convenient exercise routine to help you chart your success and thorough performance analysis.

There are more than 30 enjoyable and quick enough cognitive games to play on a lunch break or while waiting for the train. It is sufficiently important to help you track and make real progress. We also enjoy the game’s adaptive difficulty evolution, which ensures that the game gets more challenging as players become sharper. This makes stuff fun.


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