Thank god fleece is in style again! Before, fleece jackets were used to be stylish and cozy. They still are but new additions. Today’s fleece jackets are slim and a bit tight. The fleece jackets are made of premium materials and can be layered with a shirt or a thermal shirt to achieve an extra level of warmth. Combining warmth and style has become a new phase for a fleece jacket these days cause we all love to be stylish! If you are a guy who wants to be that Instagram worthy guy who looks stylish but keeps comfort as the main criteria of choice, we have got the best list for mens fleece jackets.

Outerknown Dusk Fleece Jacket

Are you searching for a jacket that reflects style and durability? Look no further than the Outerknown Dusk Fleece Jacket. The jacket is made from Italian cotton-fleece and provides excellent warmth as well as maintaining your style. The Dusk Fleece also features nylon accents suitable for winter. It’s durable and can last for a lifetime if proper care is taken.

Helly Hansen Profile Jacket

This one is for the guys who like to do an outdoor performance. Helly Hansen Propile Jacket works best on the trail for hiking or just any other outdoor activities. The jacket is made up of high loft pile fabric with breathable interior layering suitable for autumn and winter. Toughen it up with a rugged work shirt for your hike, and you are good to go.

The North Face Campshire Full-Zip Fleece Jacket

The North Face full zip jacket is another stylish yet useful attire for either you are going on a hike, campsite, or going for a day to day activities. The vintage white California basket print is indeed very aesthetic looking, making a staple piece to own in your jacket collection. Pair it with a denim and boots, and that be ready to hear compliments.

Orvis Windproof Sweater Fleece Jacket

Orvis are generally famous for its rugged and tough outwears, this time they make something lighter yet equally comfortable. Presenting you Orvis windproof sweater fleece jacket! This particular fleece jacket is perfect for going out hiking in windy weather. The jacket is made to block wind and keep you warm and dry during the hikes and hunting. What makes this jacket equally unique is that it saves you dry and warm in the colder nights.

Columbia Titan Pass 2.0 Fleece Jacket

Are you a crewneck sweater fan? If yes, then this one’s for you! Columbia fleece jacket has stocked some great fleece jackets into their collections, and we are loving them. These fleece jackets are durable and rugged (a little on the bulkier side) is extremely useful for the sweater weathers. It is made with Polartec 200 fleece, which adds a perfect combination of functionality and style.


There you have it! Five best fleece jackets that men would love to own and flaunt. We haven’t put the price since it’s changeable. You can find them quickly at any clothing store.


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