After ATM was published, it became popular and necessary for daily life. Before ATM processor companies were available, people were facing different types of problems for payment issues. Well, for purchasing anything, they need to carry cash.

If they find the amount was not enough, then it wasn’t easy to buy. Before buying anything, they had to ensure they were carrying enough money. But, it is not the same as before. If you want to purchase anything or pay for anything, you will get an ATM available.

Moreover, you may have an emergency for money at night. You will not find any bank or any other money transfer option available at that time. But, ATM will give you the service for 24 hours.

Anytime you need money, you can use the ATM. Also, you don’t have to face any other problems as well. Here you will know more about ATMs. So, before you look for the largest ATM processors, check out for details.

Facts about the ATMs

Second ATM of the World

Of course, people show interest in 1st ATM. But, do you know about the 2nd ATM? Well, the 2nd ATM was in Sweden in 1967. After installing, it became the most famous ATM in the world. Even it was successful.

A Women Inspired

You may not know the history of four digits pin code of the ATM card. John Shepherd made six digits pin for the ATM card. Then he shares it with his wife, but she couldn’t remember the entire digit.

Only she was able to remember four digits instead. Then he decided to make four digits pin code. Six numbers will be a bit difficult to remember. But, four digits are easy to remember.

The ATM Is Not Only for Cash Purpose

Do you think ATMs are for cash purposes only? If yes, then you are wrong. In the beginning, it was also famous for gold. In Dubai, the ATM was famous for 320 different gold items.

Well, you may get around twenty ATMs in Dubai where you can get gold. Also, you will find such ATMs in other countries as well.

ATM Which Floats

You may not know that there is an ATM in India which installs on the ferry. It is popular, and people often use it. Many people don’t know about such ATMs, and some may not think it is possible. But, it is already running and has become famous as well.

Biometric Pin

However, the safety of the ATM pin is essential, and you have to know about it. Well, you will find biometric ATM transactions in Brazil, and this process provides the best security, and you don’t have to worry about the account’s safety.

Loneliest ATM

Furthermore, the lonely ATM installs in Antarctica. Also, you will find two ATMs there. Well, one ATM is not enough as it can create any problem. So, there is an alternative ATM.

Famous ATMs

As you know, ATMs were popular after installing them, and there are a lot of ATMs in the world now. Plus, you can’t imagine a day without ATMs.


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