We realize it’s cold and snowy in Raleigh, and the spring prom season feels far away. For many schools, prom begins towards the end of March. So it’s closer than you think.

This clock is ticking, and you’re running out of time t reserve your Prom Limousine! Warmer weather is one of the busiest seasons for transportation companies.

Weddings, birthdays, concerts, the High Point Furniture Market, and then there are the PROMS! So, there are several events in Raleigh and the neighboring areas that necessitate the use of Limousines. Therefore, before you look for an airport limo service, let’s know the things.

Are You Doing Background Checks And Drug Tests?

This is most likely the MOST IMPORTANT question you should ask! If you’re entrusting a limo driver with your children, coworkers, friends, or your own life, you need to know who you’re getting in the limo with!

We do a thorough background check that includes a driving record, drug testing, and a DOT medical exam, as well as a call to previous employers.

Our limo drivers are primarily ex-military or current or former law enforcement officers. So, this is not something that UBER and LYFT (as well as many other companies) can provide!

Is It Your Automobile, Or Does It Belong To Someone Else?

Request the model and year, and have them email you a photo. If you don’t receive a photo after a few minutes, it’s probably not their automobile. Many businesses do not own any of their vehicles and hire them on an as-needed basis. So, we hold our luxury limos, vans, and party buses, and we will tell you if we don’t! How can you be sure that the automobile will be in good condition when it comes to your special occasion if the firm does not own it?

What Type Of Coverage Do You Have?

Try to see whether they have the proper insurance. One easy way to know is if they have an RDU sticker on their windshield for entering the airport.

When they are crossing state lines, they must have a USDOT number and an MC number. Apps for hire drivers seldom have insurance on their vehicles, putting you and your passengers in danger.

How Could I Find Your Endorsements Or Reviews?

Look them up on Yelp, Wedding Wire, or Google. Take the time to look them through. We enjoy what we do at Limousine. And our regular five-star rating demonstrates that our clients do as well! For an example, if you need to hire an airport limo service, you can search by “airport limo service near me”. It will help you enjoying and getting an airport limo service near your location.

What’s The Total Cost And Any Extra Charges?

You may believe that this should be your priority. “You get what you paid for!” is a common adage in the limousine industry. Inquire about the hourly rate and any additional fees. It includes fuel or parking. Enquire about hiring minimums.

Has travel time included in the start time, or does it begin at pickup? Is a gratuity given to drivers, or has it expected? We have a four-hour minimum for stretch limos and a five-hour minimum for proms. So, they also include a 20% tip for our chauffeurs. Unless it’s anything out of state, we don’t have any extra fees.


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