Ever wondered how does an ideal catering software look like? Follow below.

  1. Storage for Clients’ Files

You get multiple files either as an example or a requirement from your clients to precede orders, such as word files or images. So a proper event catering software must have a separate storage portion for these files. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to manage multiple clients with different demands if you manage those files separately from your software.

  1. Orders Booking and Management

This option is a must for catering software if you really plan to grow your business. Since catering a kind of business where you receive multiple orders regularly from many different kinds of clients so auto-booking of orders is very important. Keeping their records with every single detail at one place is very important to provide your promised services.

  1. Automated Invoicing and Billing Options

Of course, an event catering software must contain an automated invoicing and billing options to avoid any hassle of payments. This will also make it easy for you to keep track of your orders from start till the end if everything has been done as per the required plan.

  1. Production Follow-Ups

Keeping timely follow-ups of production and raw material is a very important part of the catering business as it contains on spot planning. No deviation can be entertained easily when it comes to offering food to the guests of your clients. So obviously you need to keep very strict follow-ups and hence a standard option for production will be a lifesaver for you. You can add a template for Time and Action Plan in that production tab and give access to your suppliers to keep that auto updated.

  1. Planning Templates

When you are dealing with consumers, they just have ideas to share and it is you who will have to put those ideas into a plan. A professional catering management software must have planning templates to give an idea to your clients about your services. You can keep that option open for clients as well to add or subtract anything as per their demands and requirements. This will also ease your workload to make different plans for every different customer.

  1. Keep It Cloud-Based

Being a caterer, you are often traveling and you cannot keep the hard copies of customers’ documents every time with you. So, keeping a cloud-based software offers you to access your files anytime and anywhere.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Another important part of catering software is CRM where you can easily track your clients’ details regarding their accounts, past orders, current orders, and future activities. You can also add a customer services option in this section for your clients to provide their feedback for all your services. This will help you to evaluate your services more accurately and you can jot down key points to improve your services. Also, this section must possess the follow up of that feedback in case you receive any complains so your clients can know if any action has been taken against them complaints.


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