From the paper documents to cave paintings, we have corresponded ideas with basic images and static words. But, it’s not the case any longer because of the strength of the PDF. It’s because you should not put a limit on your files to ancient standards when you have interactive and multimedia versions.

This is why we’re here with some examples of multimedia PDF and convert PDF to JPG free. It’ll help you to learn what you’ll be able to do with this format. If you go through these amazing examples of multimedia PDFs, you can learn some crucial things about multimedia.

These include how to make a boring document into a static one into the wonders of multimedia. So, continue reading the post till to the end and you’ll get the whole concept that will help you to use multimedia on your documents.

Multimedia Portfolio

Sometimes you need to show off quickly a wide range of things that you complete using the PDF. But, you’ll not get any simple way than using a PDF portfolio. This is one of the great ways to accumulate a big number of multimedia items in a particular format.

For example, there was a creative portfolio with multimedia from the Washington Post. It has published recently on the gallery of the Adobe Acrobat Users Community. It shows a portfolio of the former US president of Barack Obama and the campaign was trailed inside the White House.

The portfolio was kept campaigning on a more creative and different level. You’ll be able to use the AAUC gallery to give your personal PDF portfolios some introduction if you’re a composer, photographer, or sound engineer. Also, you can get some effective tips from it on how you can get into the top form.

Video Elements

As movements help to draw more attention to the human eye, it’s wise to add some embedded video into your PDF documents. And if you notice, you’ll find lots of examples of PDF files with video. For example, there is a PDF file that was made by Harry Hermus and it shows the slive performance of David Gilmour who is a Pink Floyd musician.

He performed in “A Great Day for Freedom” that has embedded with PDF. But, it’s not very tough to embedding video in some PDF files that people usually think. Even you can do it for your YouTube videos as well.

3D Elements

It’s possible to make information leap off your page using 3D elements to highlights in the PDF files. You just need to use the perfect tools and get some patience that can help you to make an interactive PDF file. Apart from a gallery of PDF portfolio, the AAUC upholds a 3D PDF gallery that it lets to use for the community of PDF user regardless of using the word to PDF free or paid version.

The platform offers you a personal consideration of how difficult a PDF graphic could be directly from the AAUC. So, if you know how to rotate, manipulate, and view graphics with 3D elements of the PDF file, it’s a great way to draw more attention from the viewer.


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