The Mavic Pro is capable of far more than you would believe! We’ve put a lot of devices through their paces. Some were acceptable, while others were returned, and only the best made it to our top list.

Here are the accessories that every DJI Mavic Pro pilot should have! Therefore, before you look for a commercial drone professional, let’s know more about some killer gadgets for the DJI Mavic Pro Drone.

Multiple Battery Charger

Let us start with a basic attachment because a single battery won’t go you very far. And charging them is quite inconvenient. It’s especially if you have to charge each of them individually or if they have to charge at night.

Who wants to get up three or four times in the middle of the night to charge their batteries? This Mavic charging station is compact and inexpensive. And it performs what it has supposed to do. It charges up to four batteries automatically, one after the other.

Tablet Holder for Remote Controller

This third DJI Mavic Pro attachment has required for anyone who believes that a mobile phone’s screen is too tiny. Because if you wish to utilize an iPad Mini 4 or another tablet, you’ll quickly discover that the holders are too tiny.

This time, it is a device from a third-party vendor rather than a DJI product that has made it onto my list. It barely takes a minute to attach, and the iPad has a firm grip.

ND Filter Set

These ND filters are crucial for drone cinematography. But they are also necessary for photography. These filters function similarly to sunglasses in that they attenuate incoming light. As a result, the shutter speed has reduced, resulting in a natural-looking Motion Blur.

Framerate x2 is the rule. Because 48 isn’t an option for 24 frames per second, I’d go with 50 on my DJI Mavic Pro. This guideline is only applicable in daylight when using ND filters.

Landing Pad or Landing Gear Extension

If you’ve ever launched your DJI Mavic Pro outside, you’ve probably observed that Gimbal Errors are common. This is when the camera only barely contacts the grass when getting the aerial inspection drone into the air or landing. The chance of damaging things grows.

And it’s getting in the air is frequently impossible owing to error signals. However, there are two options. The first is a landing pad. It is a folding landing area that is placed on the ground. Or, you can utilize landing gear, which I highly suggest.

4K Ready Micro SD Card & External Hard Disc Drive

After the shooting, it comes to the editing. As a result, data security is of the utmost importance during shipping. I’ve worked in the film industry for many years and understand how frustrating it is to lose data. However, this is readily avoidable.

You should use a fast MicroSD card created by a reputable business and store the data on a hard drive with appropriate capacity and speed, such as USB 3.0. It should also be shock-protection and splash proof by US military standards.


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