Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the most popular Android devices in Australia after its 8+ counterpart. After the massive failure of S7, Samsung put all its expertise and competence on this expensive but efficient device.

You will love this big-display, high-resolution camera phone. With state-of-the-art features and processor, this Android phone will fulfill all your smart working. We have brought some of the best Samsung note 8 plans irresistible to any Australians.

Note 8 plans of Optus

  • These are the best Samsung note 8 plans Optus can offer
  • Plans start from $85/month
  • The price includes both plan and phone
  • You will get free Optus services including Optus Sports, music streaming, and overseas call credit
  • Data limit can go up to 100GB based on plan price
  • You can both lease or finance the phone
  • ‘Flex’ is for leasing and ‘Plus’ helps you finance
  • You will get the best technical services from Optus Note 8 plans

Note 8 plans of Vodafone

  • You will get the new prices of the Vodafone plans
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with a 12 months contract cost $156.58/month
  • The 24-month deal is $88.29/month
  • The 36-month plan is $78.96/month
  • You can exchange your old Notes’ under ‘Buy Back’ Credit program
  • The highest credit amount you can get is $200

Note 8 plans of Virgin Mobile

  • The plans start from $40 and go up to $100/month
  • You have to spend extra for additional facilities in a cheaper plan
  • The plans come with data rollover facility
  • You will get free music streaming without using the data
  • Free Velocity Points based on your use
  • You can gift your allocated data to your friends who use Virgin Mobile

Telstra Note 8 plans

  • You will get some of the cheapest Note 8 plans Telstra can offer
  • Telstra cut down the cost of Samsung note 8 plans to $80/month
  • $60/months goes to Phone repayment
  • You can get a more affordable and best mobile plans australia, but they are ‘Lease Only’ plans
  • High-end plans cost more, but you will get more perks
  • You will get Telstra Air data, Apple Music streaming, and Foxtel subscriptions
  • ‘Swap’ plans are for leasing and ‘Keep’ plans are for financing

Note 8 Plans of Woolworths Mobile

  • Woolworths brought convenient plans for Samsung galaxy note 8 lovers
  • You will get 12, 24, and 36-months plan
  • The 12-months plan is the cheapest and varies with features
  • The 24-months plan will cost you $72/month
  • The 36-months plan comes with $92/month price
  • The plans include overseas texts, Rewards Points and many more
  • You will get the opportunity to an upgrade after a specific time
  • The waiting time will vary according to your plan duration

TeleChoice Note 8 plans

  • TeleChoice gives you a wide range for note 8 price in Australia
  • The plan price varies from $85 to $109/month
  • The plan duration is 24-months
  • The data ranges from 3Gb to 50GB
  • You will get Unlimited National Calls and Texts
  • Unlimited International Calls to 15-countries
  • Unlimited International Texts
  • Extra data is $10/GB
  • No data rollover


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