Your smartphone is the most efficient and frequently used device in your everyday chores and dealings. One can even rely on it for academic, technical, professional and other works.  Therefore, it is very necessary to take care of your smartphone and to save it from damage to keep using cheap sim plans Australia without any inconvenience. Following are some of the ways by which you can damage your smartphone.

1. Not Charging Properly


This is the most frequently observed issue that damages your smartphone. Normally, people charge their smartphones with incompatible smartphone chargers and data cables. Using chargers of other mobile devices makes the situation even worst. You should always use your charger as it has compatible charging voltages and current for your specific device. Overcharging your mobile phone for hours can severely affect the usage hours and battery timings. Using your smartphone while it is charging is not a good thing at all. It may overheat your smart device and cause some damage to it. Make sure you change your smart device for a recommended charging time as stated in your device’s user manual.

2. Careless Usage


Buying an expensive smartphone and not using it with care with an intention of changing in future is a really bad thing. This is a very commonly observed issue that people often don’t care about the usage of their smartphones. Some people are so negligent that the smartphone fall of their hands while using, some even use their phone with hands wet after showers or washing, some people split coffee or tea over it, some even break their phone while jumping over the bed and sofas with their phone beneath them. Do not leave your smartphone on a car seat in the direct sunlight, it may harm it. Not using your smartphone with care damages your smartphone for sure.

3. Useless Applications


Downloading a useless application on your mobile device not only consumes time and effort, but it also creates a software mess in your device. You can damage your device by downloading unknown applications and clicking unknown links full of viruses. Filling up your device with an unwanted application and not deleting them otherwise makes your device slower in performance. This may even affect the other useful applications. Therefore, you must not download apps that can slow down your smart device at all.

4. Loading Your Memory Cards


Is it justifiable to load your 32 GB memory card and you are expecting your phone to work properly with a mere device memory of 1 or 2 GB?  People normally load their memory cards with a lot of multimedia items and other apps not knowing that the phone memory has to run the storage according to its capacity. This is the main reason why people find their smartphones slower in performance. Overloading can damage your smartphone and you can experience a “held device” issue repeatedly. Use your phone wisely to keep it in top form for taking advantage of cheap sim only plans Australia.


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