The majority of new mothers are prepared for the many rewarding but challenging elements of caring for a newborn infant, such as feeding, bathing, diaper changes, and mani-pedis. What about manicures and pedicures?

Keeping your baby’s nails cut is an essential element of newborn care. While a newborn’s nails are delicate and pliable, they may be pretty sharp if they get ragged or too long. Babies are also prone to scratching their own fragile faces due to their inability to regulate their activity.

The nails of a baby, especially the fingernails, develop quickly, and you should trim them at least once a week with a baby nail kit.

Here are some suggestions to help you and your baby with the task:

File Them First

The easiest and safest method to file your baby’s nails is using an emery board, but it takes longer. You must also avoid filing the sensitive flesh underneath the nail bed. Avoid using a metal nail file on your baby’s skin since it may be overly abrasive.

Use a Smaller Nail Clipper

Clip your baby’s nails the same way you would your own, carefully pulling the fingertip away from the nail to make room for the clipper. This prevents your baby’s finger from being clipped.

Toenails should be clipped straight across. As you clip, keep a strong grip on your child’s hand (or foot). You may also use manicure scissors or scissor-shaped clippers. Using an emery board, smooth off any rough edges.

Clip When the Baby Is Sleeping

Clip your baby’s nails while he/she is asleep. Hopefully, she won’t wriggle or squirm. Even if you’re cutting when the infant is sleeping, make sure you have enough light.

Distract & Unwind

If you must clip your baby’s nails while she is awake, do it while distracted. When babies are awake, they clench their fists, narrowing the distance between the fingertip and the nail, making the task more difficult.

As much as possible, ensure that both you and your baby are at ease. When she’s calm and her nails are soft after the baby’s bath, it is an excellent time. Take a pause and give your infant a chance to relax if she becomes agitated. Using the baby nail care kit and singing a favorite song might be beneficial.

If you still don’t have the guts (or time) to cut your child’s nails, consider the following options:

Seek Assistance

Request a more experienced parent to demonstrate how they do it. Perhaps a grandmother or a beloved aunt or uncle can help. It’s also possible that a regular babysitter or nanny might be willing to help. If you do it yourself, you may want to take the help of a spouse or a friend to hold your baby and prevent her from wriggling too much.

Some parents bite their baby’s nails; however, this is not encouraged since it may spread germs and leave the infant’s nails ragged.

Don’t be concerned if you accidentally nick a finger or toe. Simply run cold water over the injury. You may put antibiotic cream on your infant, but avoid bandages.


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