The concept of responsive website development and design specialization has existed for decades but developers began to truly understand its value only during the mid-2000s because more consumers started to use mobile devices. People started relying on their mobile devices and the developers foresaw that this would only increase in the future. So, they started making their websites look attractive on desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. They found out that flexible layouts were needed and so they created websites that responded to the users’ devices. Nowadays the practice of responsive website development and design is very common. But what is it actually and what are its advantages? We discuss.

What is Responsive Web Development and Design?

In layman’s terms, responsive website development and design specialization mean nothing but making websites that can adapt to the size of the user’s viewpoint. The purpose of doing it is so that the users can see the website conveniently and have an optimal experience regardless of which device they use to access the website.

The Advantages

There are many advantages of responsive website development and design specialization. We have written about 5:

More Traffic from Smartphone Users

More than half of all traffic on the top websites in the US comes from smartphones and mobile devices. This is the major reason why developers need to use responsive web design so that people using their mobile devices to access websites have the best experience. If they find the best experience, they will return to those websites even more.

Pages Load Faster

Usually, mobile users have short attention spans and they get bored if a website takes a bit more time to load than usual. Responsive web development makes the web pages’ load faster than usual and so the users are happily visiting that page.

Low Maintenance

If you maintain a separate mobile site, you will need additional testing and support for that but if you use responsive design, you will have standardized testing methodologies in order to ensure maximum layout on each screen. You will have ‘one size fits all’ if you use responsive website development.

Lower Bounce Rates

If you make a responsive website, you will give your viewers a much better user experience than usual. And if you do that, the users are more likely to come to your website. This means the bounce rates will go down and you will have frequent visitors often. On the other hand, if your website isn’t responsive you will have a hard time retaining viewers.


Improved SEO

SEO plays a major role in increasing traffic in your website and if you use responsive web development, your SEO will be much more improved. You will also be able to reduce duplicate content.


It’s no surprise why responsive web development and design is becoming more important each year. People are on their phones all the time and if you want to keep their attention on your website, you need responsive web development and design which you can get from a best website development company.


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