A number of factors play a key role when it comes to influencing people’s shopping behavior and decision making. Some of the best factors and strategies are listed below so that you can take care of them.

1. The Product Quality

There should be no doubt that product quality is the most important factor which influences the buyer’s decision. People want to buy original Apple accessories because of their quality. Same goes for every brand. You should have all the focus on improving your products and making them better than your competitors’.

2. Easy Refund Policies

Easy return and refund policies affect user decisions when it comes to buying something online. If a brand offers full return and somehow refund, the users will feel happy. They know their money is not wasted. So they prefer to buy from such a brand which provides them return. This is the reason why many brands offer return to users.

3. Free Shipping Service

It has been seen that a lot of new companies offer free shipping to customers on a certain order. This is the biggest advantage for the customers as they can save few bucks which can be spent on something else. If you do not offer free shipping, you should consider this option to improve sales rate.

4. Customer Reviews

Nowadays, customer reviews prove decisive when it comes to the new customers. New users read old customer reviews, change their mind if the site has bad product or service reviews. Their decision to a large extent depends on the customer reviews. For this reason, they are taken too seriously.

5. Brand Authority

It is a fact that a more authoritative brand has more importance than a lesser known brand. People want to experiment but only when they know the product quality is exceptional. Otherwise, users stick to the old tested brands that they trust the most. This is a reason why brand authority is important now. Most ecommerce web development Melbourne stress on it and educate store owners of its importance.

6. Competitive Pricing

Pricing details a brand puts on its product also impact the user decision when it comes to buying something. It is a fact that customers know what the reasonable price for a product is because they check prices on multiple stores. If you offer them cheaper but quality products, they will surely become your customers.

7. Mobile-Friendly Website

For online shopping, the site should be mobile-friendly otherwise customers will not prefer to buy anything. This feature makes it easy for anyone to select and buy products.

8. User Experience on the Site

The overall user experience on a business site is also a factor which influences people when they have to buy something. If the site has a good design, responsive layout, is superfast, offers a great experience- people will be happy and they are more likely to buy products.

To improve sales on your business site, you should take care of the factors like price, quality of the product, site design and speed, mobile-friendliness, overall user experience among others. It is recommended to work with a reputable ecommerce web design services Melbourne to improve your store.


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