If you have a smaller house, you should maintain some special ways to store your belongings. So, you have to use your multi-functional furniture and well-placed shelves. That means you’ll be able to maximize your small space into a bigger one if you can be creative.

We have researched keeping it in mind to find out the best solutions for your small space. It’s because we know how it’s struggling while having a lot of things at a smaller home. So, it’s easy to build up piles of clutter at the surface of your flat.

As a result, you might be looking for the solution by searching “trash removal services near me” on the web. But, before you do something else like searching “junk removal Miami Beach”, read things simple guide to get some easy and secret solution to this issue.

Kitchen Appliances & Stair Shelving


When you’ll make a cubby in your kitchen area, it’ll help you hiding big items of your kitchen. These include mixers, blenders, and toasters. When you’ll put them inside the cabinets, you just need to slide up the doors with an easy effort to use them.

You never should waste it beneath space when it comes to the stairs. It’s common that all homes have some loose items. So, make shelved drawers that will help you keep your items hidden. Also, you can store shoes of your family members if the stairs are adjacent to the entryway. This is a secret storage space and it’ll keep your lobby save from littering.

Hang up Your Pans and Pots


You might be tired stacking your pans and pots on one another. You hope they should not tumble down on your ground. Since this is possibly going in a similar spot that you presently store your pans and pots, it’s the storage solution that you don’t like.

But, if you go in a different way, it’ll make a big difference. Yes, we’re talking about to hang up your pans and pots to get rid of this issue. Also, this will reduce the scratches on your items.

Walls and Fridge

There is no real purpose of the space between your walls and freezer if you don’t squeeze a rack of hidden spice. This is an easy way to use this empty space. Also, it’ll afford you with extra storage and keeps you from stressed for space.

As a result, this is a win-win thing for you. Also, you could provide your goods that have made with cans a house in this hidden storage space. But, it depends on the width of your stuff and space as well.

Significant Storage Ideas


If you have some smaller items that need to keep hidden, you can use a picture frame to store them. The items include keys, cash, or valuable things. Instead of knowing the differences, your guests will see your sweet family or pet’s photos. Also, you’ll find a lot of space under your deck that you can use as your storage.


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