Mobile homes are among the most diversified types of housing available. We have tens of various house “lines,” hundreds of floor plans, and thousands and thousands of potential option combinations across the manufacturers we represent.

Everything found in a modern stick-built home today may find in a more modern mobile home. Therefore, before you look for mobile office trailers near me, let’s begin!

Sizes of Typical Mobile Homes

The following is an example of a “typical” single wide mobile home:

  • 13 ft. high
  • 76 ft. long
  • 16 ft. broad

On its most fundamental level, mobile home dimensions and mobile modular storage containers have constrained by their capacity to move safely on roads and highways. This is why single-wide houses can’t be much larger than they are.

Because they are built and shipped in multiple sections, double and triple-wide mobile homes can be larger.

Mobile Homes of Park Model


This Park Model is a variant on the little house. These have categorized as recreational vehicles and can occupy for up to six months of the year.

So, this extra vertical height can utilize for storage, relaxation, or as an extra bed for the grandchildren. Typically park model homes have only one bedroom. Anything more than that is uncommon, but it does exist.

Mobile Homes of Single Wide


The simple and underappreciated Single Wide is unquestionably the backbone of the prefabricated home business. This is the ideal form factor for a mobile home. It’s’ with its long length and small breadth making it ideal for transporting down a highway.

And the most usual arrangement will feature three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The great majority of our single wide floorplans have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

These are at least 400 square feet in size. But, there are frequently considerably bigger. So, they have a 16 x 80 form factor and can travel up to 1,200 feet.

Mobile Home Sizes of Common Single Wide


Mid-sized and single wide mobile homes are closer to 800 square feet in size. They are also available in a single segment. Mid-sized single-wide manufactured homes are ideal for smaller families. It’s’ because they provide more rooms and open space than smaller choices.

Large single wide mobile homes are above 1,000 square feet in size. And have built in one piece. So, they contain several bedrooms and bathrooms and larger living and kitchen areas, making them ideal for a family.

Mobile Homes of Double Wide


The double wide comes after the single wide. These are always formed up of two pieces. They are with each section having proportions comparable to a single wide but differing in that one side of the construction is blank. There will be no wall, and it will be open to the elements.

They allow the installer to connect the two pieces and create a full building. As a result, the breadth of a double wide is self-explanatory. It’s twice as wide as a single wide.

So, sure, you can have a 36-foot-wide house in Texas. It is nearly the length of a smaller house! Although double wades are significantly larger, they do not contain as many bedrooms as you may imagine.


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