Do you struggle to manage patients into the exam rooms promptly? Or, do you need to make waiting of your patients or leave late once your schedules have the backed-up? Most busy imaging centers and physicians feel the issue in common.

Wait times of patients may look like a part of their experience. But, it can affect the overall patients’ satisfaction. A survey reported that more than five thousand patients found a shocking 97% of attendances were upset by wait times while going to visit doctors.

Almost all patients have experienced wasting time waiting in a doctor’s office or a busy imaging center. But, no worries, some effective and practical strategies are out there that can help you to reduce these wait times of your patients.

So, just continue reading and find some simple ways to make your patient experience better while visiting your office.

Collect Patient Info Before Their Appointment

You may think that this tip is a no-brainer. However, you’ll find space in it to improve. Do you collect patients’ insurance info and history while they’re making an appointment?

Have the referrals as well as patient records ready and wait in the office when your patients arrive? Do you ask them to send or complete all essential forms before their appointment? These are time-consuming matters to accomplish.

You can avoid their delays if you allow them to fill the essential forms their own and get them ready with them while coming to the appointment. It’ll not just make your task easier; it also will be comfortable for your patients rather than wasting time.

Practice A Queue Solution Through Mobile

Using a good mobile queue tool is a better way to cut down your patient’s wait times. Many apps are out there like Qless that give predictable wait times. As a result, it lets patients allow your employees to know while they’re running at the back.

Also, patients can take part in online waiting lines that will update their “position” before they physically visit a doctor’s office. Besides, it allows them to relax, or grab lunch at the nearest coffee shop at the time they wait.

Moreover, it’ll give them better control over time with helps you deal with the patient flow while getting in regular communication with the patients.

Give Records to Other Well-Trained Staff

You might still be adjusting to the new DICOM PACS server or EHR system or a shortage of a professional typist which can be properly utilized integrating PACS medical imaging. But, you should focus on working together with patients rather than completing long documentation. It’s better to use a model with team care.

In this case, a clinical helper will take on tasks of additional records like gathering patients’ history. Also, this helper will help you to manage test orders and prescriptions along with taking notes while the visit of doctor-patient happens.

It’ll help avoid you from being bored in administrative tasks when you use the new workflow. It’s because it takes more time to adjust and train the staff members.


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