You may be one of them who run their private veterinary practice where they use medical imaging system. This may make you confused with lots of PACS offerings where everyone is claiming more advantages than others. It’s a difficult task regardless of you’re giving up film developing or moving to some other integrations.

This may include the integration of PMS (Practice Management System). It’ll make you know the ways of parsing the different buzz words. No matter which online DICOM viewer you’re using, a PACS is very useful for your veterinary practice.

These include sharing and backup of their images along with making things easier for the storage. However, it’s not an easy process for finding out the right one for you like osirix for windows. That’s why we’re going to share some tips that will ensure to get a suitable one.

Easy to Pay For

When it comes to the cost, keep in mind that there might have some more than its upfront fees. Your vendor may charge some extra fees and you should wisely consider them before you choose a PACS for you. As it’s a good measurement of your affordability, you can ensure all prospects to consider.

The whole thing may cost to be an owner with the upfront system cost and yearly maintenance fees. Also, there may be the cost of upgrades when you get out of storage. And you can’t forget the cost of backup and your in-house IT staff. Since you’ll have to pay for all these fees, you must consider all of them carefully.

Simple to Use

The viewing ability the veterinary images in a mode of facilitates diagnosis is a very vital feature for a PACS. It means that you have to shop a solution that gives you an easy way to view your vet images in a handy format. As a result, you’ll be able to use the tool to help your diagnosis of the issue of pet health.

You’ll find some PACS systems that come with a viewer while some others allow you to choose the right one for you. It’s one of the great decisions to choose a platform from an Apple or Microsoft computer versions.

You should decide which hardware systems are perfect for your PACS like PC, tab, or smartphone. But, you’ll find a good thing that there are loads of high-quality open-source viewers. These apps work nicely with Macs and Windows as well.


When you like to view a PACS image, you need a DICOM because it’s a world-recognized viewing format. But, when it comes to the standard, all vendors are not offering the most and the same things. Many of them provide some enhancements and they look nice.

But, it may be almost impossible to use your studies while using another system. If it’s the case, then you should end up locking those vendors. As an improved solution is to get your system store the patients’ records in a format, it’s compatible with the standard you’re looking for.


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