We all know that we get the vitamin from the sun. So, we can say that it is vital for our body and skin. But we should also remember that the sunlight may be harmful to our skin. Besides, you should also know about the hormone replacement therapy and how to get the “hormone replacement doctors near me”.

Mostly, the UV rays of the sunlight are harmful to our skin. One may get lots of skin problems due to the UV rays. First of all, your skin becomes tan and dark.

Also, you may get wrinkles and dark spots. In our below segment, we will present some simple tips that will help you to remove the suntan and other sun issues. Therefore, before you look for hormone imbalance symptoms, let’s know the ways.

Scrub Regularly to Remove Tan 

Firstly, we will tell you some easy tips that will help you to remove the suntan. First of all, you have to make or buy a scrub. You will get different types of scrub on the market. But if you think that you will not use the market item, you can make it at home.

Now one may ask that how you can make the facial scrub. Well, nothing will be better than scrubbing to remove the suntan. Well, you need two or three items to make a sun tan remover. First, you have to take some flour and add some cucumber juice.

Then make a smooth paste and apply it to your face. After that, you can remove this item with a little massage. At last, you have to wash your face. It will work as a face mask, but it works amazingly to remove the dark spot.

However, if you want to make a scrubber, you need some sugar and extra virgin coconut oil. This mixture will remove the tan and make your skin healthy.

Try to Avoid the Direct Sunlight 

If you desire to keep your face spot tan and wrinkle-free, then you have to keep your skin away from the sunlight. That means do not go into the direct sunlight. Mostly, you have to avoid some specific time.

That means do not go to the sunlight from morning nine to afternoon three. But everyone needs to go outside due to the different work purposes. That is why it is very vital to use the umbrella. Mostly, you have to use sunscreen.

Use One Best Sunscreen 

You have already known from the above segment that we suggest you use sunscreen. But it might be a little bit tough to select the best sunscreen.

Well, choosing sunscreen is not that much tough. You have to choose a sunscreen according to your skin type. If you have any confusion, then you can take the expert help.


If you want to stay healthy and beautiful, you have to drink enough. Well, we are talking about the water. At least you have to take eight glasses of water per day. Besides, you have to drink fruits juice and other fruits.

Ensure Enough Sleep

Last but not least, if you want to get a glowing and healthy face, you have to ensure proper sleep. Without proper rest, it is pretty impossible to get flawless skin.


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