If you like to become a Managed Service Provider, MSP then you’ll be able to add some more offerings to your business with another wing of income. When we’ve researched and experienced for years, we’ve found that the higher quality of your service is very important for a long lasting business than your actual quantity of services. In the same way, quality is just like that when it comes to a cloud-based PACS solution. But, don’t worry because it’s not a very difficult pitch for two reasons such as your clients seek the solution that will make them able to share, access, and mobility with their medical images. And the second one is that most of your clients are either already with secure cloud storage or probably know nothing about it.

Now, let’s know while you’ll add it to your offerings, you’ll get some benefits that you’ll reap.

More Revenue with Fewer Problems

When you get a partner with some Cloud-based company with the most secure cloud storage, for example, Purview, you’ll get the chance to have complete access to their full system. Things are here that you don’t have to wait hours past your scheduled appointment for your tech support to arrive at your location, unlike a local PACS solution. When you think about a good company it’s just possible. So, if you imagine it like this then a partnership with a local PACS provider is not unlike that of your local cable operator. As they change the rates on their packages, they can force you into paying a higher payment to enjoy your preferred shows. But, it takes time beyond your to-do list when they don’t actually charge you to enter, setup, and bring up to date it. But, you’ll be able to avoid this inconvenience doing deal with the cloud-based company.

Onboarding Is Not Your Issue

From the ground up, not everybody is able to make a Cloud-based PACS solution and that’s okay. It can show the way to big fiscal disaster if you’re unsure about what you’re doing. When it comes to the concierge onboarding, it’s the standard of the customer service of these days. That means your all client will be treated in proportion to their individual set of needs and use case. And it’s called nurturing process that essentially you should put in the time to provide to every client at any time they need assistance. But, as an MSP, you don’t need to get worried about it.

Get Referrals from Happy Clients

This is the time where mobility and portability are probably the utmost advantages that should have in most of the product. And the service you’re going to offer it’s like just that you need for this time. As it’s not confined to any piece of hardware, it can impenetrable to robberies at your customer’s practice, resistant to natural disasters, and can be easy to get to. But, it should be easy to get to anywhere in the world and on any latest device. Just they need to have an internet connection to view their stored things.


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