Sole separation is one of the most prevalent shoe issues. Most people will encounter this problem with at least one pair of shoes. And you may be inclined to discard shoes with a detached sole.

If the shoes are otherwise in good shape and you enjoy wearing them, don’t be too quick to send them to the exile. It’s not difficult to reattach shoe soles. A comfy pair of high-quality shoes is well worth repairing.

So, take those shoes and follow these simple methods to repair sole separation and get the most out of your beloved pair of shoes. Well, before you look for the blue casual shoes for men, let’s know the tips.

Take the Soles Out Completely

If somehow the soles of your shoes have gotten partially separated, the temptation may be to dab some glue on that section and put it back together. This will help in the short term.

And you are considerably better off removing the sole entirely and treating it thoroughly before reattaching it. So, this will not only guarantee that your sole is correctly connected. But, it will also result in a more even finish with no bumps.

Clean Them Nicely

The surfaces you’re gluing together must be clean for the soles to reattach securely to your shoes after you’ve applied shoe glue. After you’ve completely removed your shoes from their soles, thoroughly clean them.

Remove any old glue with acetone or nail polish remover and set both parts aside to thoroughly dry. So, this ensures that there are no particles on the surfaces that will prevent the shoe glue from attaching the two sections of your shoes.

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Buff Their Bottoms

After thoroughly washing and drying your shoes, softly buff the two sides that you wish to stick together. So, this will give you a somewhat rough surface to deal with.

Also, it’ll make gluing much easier. After removing the polishing dust with a soft brush, you’re ready to begin gluing.

Use Shoe Glue

Apply shoe glue on the soles of your shoes with a paintbrush. Add just enough glue to hold the two halves of your shoes together. But not so much that the glue oozes all over the place, damaging the outside of your shoes.

Once the adhesive has dried, gently reconnect the sole to the uppers of your shoes and push firmly.

Clamp/Tie the Uppers & the Soles

You must apply pressure while the shoe glue is curing. It’s to attach both sections of your shoes effectively. So, you may achieve this by clamping your shoes or just tying a few strips of fabric over your shoes to keep everything together.

If you’re concerned about damaging the form of your shoes, throw a bottle inside them to keep the uppers in place.

Wipe Out Any Excess Glue

After you’ve clamped or tied the uppers of your shoes to the soles, you may see some shoe glue oozing out of the seams. Remove any extra glue using a tiny stick or Q-tip as soon as possible.

So, this is to avoid a glue stain on your shoes. If any glue remains on the outside of the shoe and dries, remove it with a dab of acetone.


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