The simplicity and ease of wear are the most striking features that most we adore about African fashion. You can dress them up with ease and down as well to fit the occasion.

You can put them on special events like weddings or just like a simple casual fashion. Anything goes; you can experiment as well as express yourself wearing African fashion clothes.

If you try them with a denim or even an essential colored jacket with heels or boots, it’ll make you as bold as colorful and unique. Here we’re going to share some African print fashion and dresses that got huge popularity in the UK.

Ankara Dresses That Rise In the UK

It might be a bit confusing when you learn about Ankara dresses because it’s the capital city of Turkey. At the same time, it’s also a word of West Africa that indicates the colorful print fabric of Africa.

In East Africa, the term ‘Ankara’ stands for ‘African print,’ ‘Dutch wax,’ ‘Holland wax,’ ‘Kitenge,’ and ‘Chitenge.’ No matter what it means, but these dresses got huge popularity in the UK as the bright, vibrant, and bold garments.

That’s because these types of basic fashions are prevalent now in the UK. It’s not just suitable for the summer parties and festivals; they’re also perfect to use in your workplaces and at official events.

The Pencil-Style Dress

It’s one of the favorite dresses named “Pencil Dress. The talented tailors of the West African countries like Tanzania design and prepare these dresses. They make it the way that comes with all your preferred features.

Since the dresses have designed with a higher waistline, they’re very pleasing to wear, particularly for pear and apple body shapes. Because of their fully inside layer, they help to avoid clinging and friction. As they have cotton or polyester linings, they add warmth to the clothing.

That’s why you can wear them all time of the year regardless of shine or rain. Thanks to these linings, they give you more comfort with increased durability of your dress. So, it allows you to use it for a long time.

The Sleeveless Dress

It’s a sleeveless dress that might be made with different designs like fit & flare and shift. The dress is perfect for the people with a reverse triangle-shaped of the body. It means that if you’re a person with narrow hip and broad shoulders, this sleeveless dress is the right choice for you.

The look will be complete while wearing plain colored, matching cardigan with sandals or pumps. The clothing is not just suitable for warm climates; it’s also good to use in the holidays.

Even there are some users of this dress that work on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. That’s why this dress is trendy at different summer festivals like summer music.

Apart from these dresses, some other African dresses are also fashionable in the UK. These include the peplum and the fit & flare dress.


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