Your car’s lifeline is its engine oil. So, if you neglect checking engine oil when it requires, you’re going to fall into a big issue. It may cause your engine repairs, and even you may need to replace your car engine.

When you need to maintain your car, it should remain a top priority over any other issues. As a result, you need to know and act accordingly to change the engine oil.

You must also know the car’s warning signs show that you have to change your car’s engine oil. Well, before you look for cheap Acura parts, let’s know the signs that indicate to change your car engine oil.

What Is General Rule To Change Your Car Engine Oil?

Usually, you have to change your car engine oil every three months or every three thousand miles. You should follow which one comes first among the months and mileage.

You’ll get exact specifications from your owner’s manual and by consulting with the manufacturer of the car. Each car is different from one another.

That’s why they need their oil, and oil change frequency may vary from each other. Here we’re with some simple tips to help you realize when you need to change your car’s engine oil.

Check the Engine Light


Checking the engine and oil change lights is the best and great way to check your car’s engine oil. When the oil level of your car is lower, both lights will be glowing.

This warning sign says that you need to change your car’s engine oil. You can ensure the issue if you check it with a dipstick oil checker.

Unexpected Noises from Your Car Engine


It’s another good sign indicating that your car’s engine oil level is not at the optimal level. As a result, it’s making some unexpected noises from your car engine.

It happens if your car engine can’t work well with the engine oil currently inside the car. These noises come from the friction of the parts of the engine. So, you have to realize that it’s time to change your car engine oil.

If it’s not a matter of oil problem, than you have to cheek the engine and may have to buy new part of engine. In this case, you can look for Acura car parts for having new parts.

Color of Engine Oil


The color of your car engine oil is another great sign that indicates whether you need to change it or not. The engine oil color is amber when it’s clean and in a good state, along with a little translucent.

When it becomes older, its color gets darker in the shade because of the engine’s presence of different particles. Ensure checking your car engine oil one time per each month.

You can do the dipstick oil test. And you have to prefer an oil change if you get the dipstick is not visible due to engine oil color.

Fumes or the Smell of Oil

You should check your car engine oil if you get the smell of its oil each time you enter the car. Also, it may happen because of oil leakage. Moreover, it can produce fumes when your engine oil is not in the optimal state.


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