You should be alert to WeatherTech’s existence if you’re looking through a car journal within the last few decades. And you probably have seen the supremacy in the market. Also, you have witnessed Husky Liners that look each bit as excellent in images.

But they can often be a bit cheaper. So, what could be the deal? It might be an argument like Pepsi vs. Coke. And you can be correct in the way a large number of people would not notice their difference.

Indeed, this is tough to prove wrong any of the options. But, you’ll find some pros and cons of them even for custom cut car floor mats. The same goes for Husky Liners vs. Weathertech floor mat. So, before you buy car floor mats online, take a look at the below comparison.

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Mats

Perhaps the most common response we’ve seen to someone picking up a package of DigitalFit floor mats. It’s that people expect flexible rubber to be picked, but instead are surprised by the rigid plastic structure.

When we first took out a group of them from the box, we had the same reaction. They’ve always looked rubbery to us in those magazine advertisements we’ve seen since time immemorial (and they do sell custom made rubber floor mats too).

WeatherTech 3D Floor Liners


Apart from this one, you’ll find lasers as well. Although it has not built into anything like the floor mat, it would be a bit weird. But it’s cool to look and feel. It uses the latest laser technology to 3D map of the floorboards of all cars with offering their custom mats.

They extruded cleats on the bottom to hold the carpet beneath and combined with some factory retaining posts to keep in place to remain in place. WeatherTech is located in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

But with dealers around the country, it is genuinely setting the bar high in the field of not only aftermarket floor mats. Those are for trucks, vehicles, and buses, but also cargo and trunk liners. Single product studied, engineered, and assembled to deliver the very best of style, service period, and overall value.

Husky Liner X-Act Contour Floor Mats


Would you also need more pliable rubber to feel beneath your soles, as you would have expected from an all-weather floor mat? Husky’s X-act contour floor liners give a similar design fit.

Including testing with freakin’ laser beams, similar high edges to lock in debris and drops, use the poke-y extruded cleats at the rim, and even clip in that factory retaining posts.

Husky Weatherbeater Floor Mats



Both Husky Liners WeatherBeater environmental mats are laser-scanned and assembled in a similar way to WeatherTech. Plus, for improved longevity and stain-resistance, this one comes from a proprietary elastomeric blend.

Their cargo liners are a cinch to mount and much easier to clean — don’t panic if a bumpy path or unexpected halt spills your grocery’s liquid material around the cargo region. Hose off the filler to get back into service.


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