Tips and tricks for stress-free packing and unpacking when relocating homes in Toronto. Follow these professional packing tips to keep your move mess-free.

Moving to a new home can be extremely stressful. Packing efficiently ensures your belongings arrive safely so you can focus on settling into your new place instead of locating misplaced items. Follow these professional packing tips to keep your move mess-free.

When using a moving and storage Toronto company, discuss packing with them beforehand. Many offer packing services or boxes to purchase. Utilize their expertise so you know which materials work best to safeguard your possessions.

Start Organizing and Purging Early

Begin preparations 6-8 weeks before your scheduled move date. This gives you sufficient time to organize methodically instead of hurriedly tossing items into boxes last minute.

  • Go through all closets, drawers, cabinets, shelves, etc., and decide what to keep, donate, sell, or discard. Don’t pack anything you don’t need!
  • Label all boxes by room and contents as you pack so movers know where to put them.
  • Color code boxes by room with colored stickers so their destination is easily identifiable.
  • Keep a notebook with details of what is packed and where.

“Our move from Vancouver to Toronto was seamless thanks to the color coding system I used on every box. The movers knew exactly which rooms to place them in!” – Michelle, Toronto resident.

moving and storage Toronto
moving and storage Toronto

Pack Clothing Items Using Pro Tips

Clothing is challenging to pack without creasing. Follow these tips for wrinkle-free transport of all your apparel:

  • Hang delicate items like dresses, suits, and long coats in wardrobe boxes.
  • Wrap shoes individually before boxing to avoid scuffs and dirt marks. Stuff toes with tissue.
  • Pack heavy sweaters and jeans at the bottom of boxes so lighter clothing on top isn’t crushed.
  • Wrap odd-shaped items like belts and hats to prevent damage, tangles, or loss of smaller pieces.
  • Utilize space savers like vacuum seal storage bags for bulky off-season clothes, bedding, and towels. Condenses volume.
  • Pack an “essentials” box with a few changes of clothes, pajamas, underwear, toiletries, chargers, snacks, etc to have handy the first night without rummaging through piles of boxes.
Item Packing Method Reason
Dresses, suits, long coats Hang in wardrobe boxes Prevent wrinkling
Shoes Wrap individually Avoid scuffs and dirt marks
Heavy sweaters, jeans Pack on the bottom of boxes Support lighter items without crushing
Belts, hats Wrap Prevent damage, tangling, loss
Off-season clothes, towels, bedding Vacuum seal bags Save space


“Vacuum sealing our bulky off-season comforters and ski jackets freed up so much space in our rental truck during our recent relocation to Toronto from Ottawa” – Ryan, Toronto resident

Create An Unpacking Plan

Don’t leave establishing your new home to chance once boxes start arriving. Make an unpacking plan in advance so you use spaces efficiently right away.

  • Check room dimensions so you know what existing furniture fits before moving in larger items.
  • Assign boxes a priority level – label with color coded stickers. Unpack priority boxes first so essentials are handy.
  • Set up beds with needed linens as a top priority so everyone has somewhere to sleep the first night!
  • Unpack one room at a time and fully organize it before moving on to other spaces.

With these packing pointers, your move will be straightforward and stress-free! You’ll locate items with ease, prevent damage in transit, and settle into your new Toronto home rapidly.


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