Even with the best of family ties and strong bonding, death of one or both parents can significantly affect family dynamics and can shift the paradigm completely. When it comes to inheriting the family house, the frustration can bring out even the worst in siblings, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to split an inherited property.

1. Sell the House

In an ideal setting, siblings should put their deceased parents’ house up for sale and divide the payout equally amongst each other or as per the will.  The proceedings should be done as soon as a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent or appraiser gives a rough estimate of the market value of the property. Before the eventual sale happens, the estate should clear all its viable dues, that is pending mortgage payments, taxes and maintenance and repair costs should be played off before the selling inherited property Dallas Texas proceeds further.

2. Sibling Buyout

The death of a parent is never easier to cope with and this can translate to real estate proceedings as well. Perhaps the sentimental values and emotional attachment of one sibling to their family house can be so intense that they eventually want to acquire ownership of the house. In that case, the other siblings can be granted their due share of cash and finances and this can seal the deal for good. This is an easier way of selling inherited property Dallas Texas. In cases where cash reserves are not available, other family property can be given to the siblings that hold equal share as that of their original share in the family house.

3. Share the Family House


In some cases, siblings may agree to mutually share and benefit from the family property, although these cases are purely exceptions and very rare to find. As an example, two old and frail, unmarried or widowed siblings can perhaps decide to share and live in the family property thereby minimizing expenses and easing financial burden, not to mention the everlasting companionship of one another. In other cases, the heirs could mutually agree to use the property as a holiday or vacation getaway, like a family house where extended family can gather around for festivities and events. In other cases, the house can be purely used as a rental property, and the rental income would be equally divided amongst the heirs.

4. Courthouse – Last Resort

If the legal heirs fail to achieve a common ground, then perhaps the courtroom is the final resort to solve related issues. If the siblings fail to reconcile with one another, one sibling can file a lawsuit known as action in the partition where the court orders to sell the property through a third party. In this way, no one can influence the value of the property, and proceedings are generally less quarrelsome. Expenses related to the property, such as taxes, mortgage payments, and maintenance costs will be deducted before the actual amount is divided amongst the heirs equally.

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