Nowadays, crypto currency debit cards are getting famous, like Block card, BitPay, Wirex, Monolith, and many others. As a result, the coin base announces that they are going to introduce their visa card.

First of all, it will allow the users to make their purchases with a different merchant that allows Visa. Moreover, it comes at the fixes of PayPal that enable the users to devote crypto with the merchants of PayPal.

In the below content, we will discuss more the increasing crypto tax and debit card challenges. We hope that the below content will help you a lot to know about all sorts of challenges.

You can make the best way to overcome all kinds of issues. So, let’s come to them below before you look for “Keep A Bit review.”

Complications of the Crypto Tax

Firstly, it is very vital to know about the complications of the crypto tax. If you do not know the problems, how it would be possible to deal with them. That is why in this part of the content; we will try to show the tax’s difficulties.

In some cases, getting more benefits from the crypto currency is terrific. Especially when it lumps directly into the merchant’s ecosystem that is usable to accept the debit cards, all users can mostly buy the items and take any services by using crypto currency.

Indeed, your card provides good appeal when you use it regularly. However, recently the IRS considers crypto currency as property. So, whenever you buy something via cryptocurrency, then you must pay tax for it. That means you have to calculate the capital gains and cost basis using LIFO, FIFO, and HIFO.


Suppose one has a Coin base Bitcoin (BTC) and the current value of the coin is $12500 when the person purchased it with $5000 some years before. Now, this day the person wants to use the crypto debit card to buy from a store.

Assume the bill of the store is $ 250.Therefore, the person needs to pay taxes for the capital gain. The capital gain would be $150 (($12500-5000) *(250/12500)). The tax amount is dependent on the holding period of the coin.

As a result, for less than 12 months holding, it may consider as usual income tax. On the other hand, more than a one-year holding time of the coin can lower the rate because of the long-term gain (15%%, 10%,0% based on Income).

Track Your Crypto Currency Debit Card

Sometimes Crypto Currency Debit card may cost less your tax in other transactions if someone makes one capital loss from the Bitcoin and claims it on the tax sheet and gets tax write-offs. Otherwise, the crypto debit card will charge in every single transaction.

Therefore, it is vital to track your crypto currency debit card to avoid the extra charges. Luckily, Coin Tracker can help one to follow the crypto card easily and also to get the tax write-off. Finally, do not use your crypto card blindly and use tools to track your card. Better you can use online crypto wallets like keep a bit to do most of your transactions.


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